Is This Me?

April 29, 2007


It very well could be.  I’m  pretty sure many Browns fans had the same thoughts when ESPN kept flashing that picture of Brady Quinn on the screen against the backdrop of him falling through round 1.  Like many Browns fans I probably have a dozen or so pictures of me donned in Browns garb from an early age, and now our QB is no different.  Everytime they showed that picture I kinda wished that we could have drafted him too…and then we did!

    I hate to sound like the pessimist, but I can’t help get the feeling that all of our celebration is a bit premature.  This is Cleveland, high draft picks and free agents don’t do so well–and now we have 2 more to worry about.  This was the only thought that could temper my otherwise incredible glow on Saturday as the Browns took centerstage and pulled off a draft day blockbuster.  Something is not right here, good things don’t happen like this to the Browns on draft day.  I’ll put those thoughts on the back-burner now, but being from Cleveland one can only wonder if we’re being set up for one collossal letdown.  Until then i’m off to buy my newest Browns jersey–two of them!