This is the FAQ

What is a FAQ?

     FAQ Stands for Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, What's this blog about?

     Good question.  This blog is about anything that is cleveland sports.  Any sports really, but a big time focus on Cleveland sports…especially the Browns.

Why should I read?

     For the same reason that I created the site–there is no good place to go on the internet where you can discuss cleveland sports.  After several hours of even trying to find a good fan site that I could read I decided I had to take it upon myself to create one.  Also, you can't even get good sports talk on the radio in Cleveland anymore, especially from our only 'SportsTalk" station in town.  I can't believe you people go to a Steelers fan to get your Cleveland sports takes.  Plus he's a horrible host.  Don't get me started.

What makes you think your site will be better?

     Easy.  I love Cleveland (especially the Browns) and I hate Pittsburgh.

You really hate Pittsburgh?  I have relatives from there.

     Chances are they are very ugly.  Sorry.

Hey that wasn't nice.

     Sorry, but the truth hurts, and the truth is that Pittsburgh is home to some of the ugliest people in the world.  Also, that wasn't a question.  This is the "Frequently Asked Questions" page, please stick to the format.  Sorry, you must be from Pittsburgh…I'll slow down.  I will have a page dedicated to ugly Pittsburgh people soon.  Did I mention I hate Pittsburgh?

Yes you did, but let's get back to your site.  Any rules?

     Yes, please bring a passion for the Browns, Tribe, and Cavs, and a hatred for Pittsburgh.  Also, please tell your friends about this site, unless they are from Pittsburgh.  Also, the only time you will see the word Pittsburgh in a post will be on this page, I will never utter that name elsewhere on my site.

For the love of Turkey Jones, will you get off Pittsburgh?

     Oh yes, sorry.  After all, this site is about Cleveland isn't it?  Basically I just want a place where people can come to discuss news and events of the day as they pertain to the sports world.  Also, I wanted a place with no slant.  Any radio/TV station you listen to in Cleveland has a vested interest in teams doing good or bad, and believe me I have no access to the team, and therefore no slant except I want to end our reign as the most tortured fans in sports.  There are some forums out there, but nothing that is really a community.  Eventually I will get out of WordPress and have my own site, but for now this is what you get.

Who are you anyway?

     My name is Jim.  Some people have called me Jimbo before so that's the name I use to post.  I'm 25 and i've grew up in the Cleveland area all my life.  One of my earliest memories is 'The Drive".  Swear to god.  Also, the first game played after I was born was the "Red Right 88" Playoff game agains the Raiders, and the first Browns game I ever went to was a 42-0 loss to the Bills.  So i'm pretty much a curse.

     Other than that I have suffered through being a die-hard Browns fan my whole life.  I am a huge fan of the Tribe and Cavs, but like most people in Ohio, football comes first.  Nothing could be more heartbreaking than being a fan of this team or this town really, which is why I am here.  I have a fine appreciation of anything that relates to sports in this town. Of course, one of those appreciations happens to be hating Pittsburgh.

Are you the only one that posts on this site?

     Well considering that I haven't had one hit as of writing this, YEAH.  But, once we get going i'd like to add a couple of posters so that I don't have to tend to this thing 24 hours a day.

Can I email you?

     Sure.  But why?  If  you have something to say, say it on the blog.  But if you really want to you can email me your questions, comments, thoughts, porn, pictures of you at cleveland sports events, etc at TheBurningRiver@hotmail.com

Anything Else?

 Not now, I'll have more when I actually have visitors.



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