Ask and You Shall Receive

November 4, 2008

brady-quinnWell the chants were certainly defeaning Sunday, and just one day later Browns fans get their wish.  Ignoring the fact that the timing makes no sense on a short week, it will be interesting to see what happens from here.  What do they do if Quinn isn’t great right off the bat?  The argument that I heard from so many Quinn supporters early in the year was that Quinn gave the Browns the best chance to win right away, so now is time to see if that is the case.

I realize that my last post was pro-Anderson, but I could care less who the QB is if we win our last 8 games.  The problem is that is unlikely to happen, and i’m afraid to see what will come of the team if Quinn doesn’t play up to the high expectations that the fans have for him, and i’m concerned that we will once again be dissapointed when the guy we want to succeed doesn’t.  Either way, with their playoff chances very remote, the Browns just found a way to make Thursday’s game interesting.


Don’t Blame Anderson

November 3, 2008

I realize that at 3-5 this might be an entirely moot point–but I can’t help noticing everyone is once again piling on Anderson and blaming him squarely for yesterday’s debacle and the season overall.  But let’s be honest, DA didn’t play a bad game yesterday, and if you want to start a blame pecking order for blowing a 27-13 lead to a rookie QB on the road Anderson doesn’t rank in the top 3.

The way I see it:

1)  The Defense:  For giving back the 14-point cushing in a matter of minutes…to a rookie QB…on the road.  On top of that, 191 yards rushing for the day.

2) Edwards:  After rewatching the game, that was probably his biggest drop in a year of big drops for Braylon.  4th quarter, game tied, 3rd and long, and picture perfect bomb goes right threw his hands.  Instead of punting away and letting the Ravens march right down the field again the Browns would have had the ball in scoring position.  Absolutely huge, especially with Stallworth out again and Edwards needing to show that he can step-up when needed.

3) The Running Game:  19 carries for 49 yards for a robust 2.6 YPC.


When you add up the horrid running game, the defense playing the role of a turnstile in the 2nd half, and Edwards throwing away the opportunities that are thrown his way it’s tough to call out Anderson for losing the game yesterday.

In the end, we’re gonna see Brady soon enough since we’re sitting on another non-playoff season so why continue to pile on Anderson and chant for Brady.  It’s like deja vu after watching the fan base chant for  ‘Kelly’, and ‘Charlie’ and then insist that we have a backup who is going to be the next Bernie Kosar.