The River

Welcome to the River.  If you come across this page and have never heard of a River Burning before, this site isn’t for you.  If you want to find out what TBR is all about, first read the FAQ page.  This page is more of an explanation of what the “Burning River” moniker is all about.

     So what does the name “The Burning River” Mean?  Other than the actual event, basically it’s the state of affairs.  As I allude to in the FAQ, the Burning River is the best way to summarize sports in Cleveland.  There’s probably nothing more embarrising that you could tell someone about where you’re other than “Our River caught on fire once.”  Same can be said for the sports in Cleveland.  I don’t think have to re-hash all the heartbreakers and incredible strings of bad luck/karma/jinx that we have had to endure.  Those can all be thought of as Burning River events; events that generally bring shame/embarrasment/heartbreak to our city.  Nothing ever seems to go right for us, and I sort of wrapped that sentiment up in one phrase–”The Burning River”. 


3 Responses to The River

  1. Phea Duch says:


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    Phea Duch

  2. James says:

    You make it almost palatable to be a Lions fan. Almost.

  3. Hi,
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