October 9, 2007


That’s right.  The New York Baseball Yankees, apparently god’s team, lost the ALDS in 4 games.  Reports are there was another team on the field, possibly from the midwest, but this ‘other’ team had nothing to do with the Yankees losing.

The point is, if you listened to the game last night that is the impression you are left with.  “17 outs left in the Yankees Season.”  “Is this Torre’s final visit to the mound as the Yankees manager”?  I was almost waiting for Chip Caray to say that  “The Yankees do not advance!” when the final out was recorded and the Indians charged the mound in a glorious display. Forget the fact that the Indians were cleary head and shoulders above the Yankees, and that they dominated in every facet of the series. 

But seriously, what spectacular display put on by the Tribe the last 4 games.  The best part about this ’07 team is that they have everything that the teams of the 90’s lacked–namely great starting pitching and patient hitters.  Should the Tribe win the WS this year I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than by going through the Yanks and Red Sox (with Manny) to get there.  Of course, even with the games being on Fox now we’re still going to be forced to sit through a compreshesive look at the history and greatness of the Boston Red Sox, while this Indians team is largely ignored on a national stage. 

In the end, I like the Indian’ chances.  You get the feeling that the Red Sox are let down after hearing about the Yankees incredible late-season run, and having to hear all about them watching the game last night and then not getting to play them in the Series To End All Series.  They might even be duped into thinking that they drew the lesser of the two teams.  Either way the Sox will come into the game with their standard amount of arrogance that isn’t lost on their fans, and hopefully this will work to the Indians favor. 

Tribe in 6!