Did Rob Ryan Punk Brother Rex on Kyle Wilson?

Remember back on draft night when various members of the media claimed that the Browns were torn between Joe Haden and Kyle Wilson?  It was even reported that the Browns were arguing internally on draft night over which CB to take with the #7 pick.

Put aside the ridiculousness that a team would still not have separated two guys who play the same position on their draft board by draft night, and remember that Rex Ryan even alluded to the fact that his brother Rob had said that Wilson was “their (the Browns) guy“.   He didn’t actually name Rob, but he made it clear who he was talking about, and followed it up by saying that “I guarantee you were right because this guy is the real deal.”

Fast forward 9 games into the season, and Toni Grossi mentions in his game preview this week that Kyle Wilson has played himself to the bench.

So it begs the question, did Rob Ryan pass along a bogus claim to his brother as part of a draft-day ruse?

The two brothers obviously discussed some players prior to the draft, so it’s perfectly logical that Rob could play coy to his brother in order to muddle the waters as to what the Browns true draft-intentions were.

Misinformation is the name of the game when it comes to the NFL draft.  But using your own brother in a grand smokescreen would be taking things to a different level.


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