The Browns Have a Slight Lack of Scoring

The Cleveland Browns have not scored an offensive touchdown in 7 games.  That’s 28 quarters.  Brown pants, white pants, no pants–it really doesn’t matter what they are wearing, who the QB is, who is coaching, or where the game takes place.  They simply can’t find the end zone.

It couldn’t have been a worse 2009 debut for a club who is struggling to sell tickets to next week’s pre-season home opener against the Lions.  Next saturday we may see the first blackout of any game since the team came back 10 years ago, and those 4 games in December and January are looking perilous as well.

Certainly one could say that it was just a pre-season game, and it’s true that the reaction would be unbearable had this been the actual opener.  But it certainly doesn’t bode well for a franchise operating in a recession that has yielded little on the field in the 10 seasons since their return to football.  I would say that next week couldn’t be any worse, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve thought that and been wrong–it is Cleveland.


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