Of Brady Quinn, Brown Pants, a Big Dawg DUI, and Stolen Signals

Quinnbrow pants

Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer

It’s been an interesting week for the Browns, and they haven’t even played a single pre-season game yet. 

They had a practice on Sunday in which half of the team practiced in the hideous brown pants look that they donned last year for the Giants debacle.  This is a disturbing trend.  Their uni’s are so simple, yet it seems that every regime that comes to Cleveland wants to find some way to tweak them so that they are just off a little.  You had the Butch Davis era which featured orange pants, and the occasional orange jersey (yuk).  Under Romeo and Phil they reverted to a more ‘classic’ look with the grey   and black shoes, but the brown pants look that allegedly Mangini is a fan of is just wrong.

Speaking of Mangini, he seemed to quell the rumors that Brady stole hand signals from Derek and tipped off the opposing D.  Of course this sparked a debate anyway between the DA and BQ supports that went something like this:  Quinn guy:  WOW!  Brady is so competitive he’ll do whatever it takes to win even in a pre-season game!!! (although his team did lose).  DA fan:  Obviously Quinn knows he is behind in the QB derby so he has to resort to cheating.  All of this is great stuff for online forums and sports talk shows, but it’s the type of babble that shows there’s nothing better to talk about during the pre-season.

But perhaps the most disheartening story was of course the news that our very own Big Dawg got busted for a DUI earlier this week.  My first question was ‘did he at least wear the dawg mask for the mug shot?’  I’ don’t know Big Dawg but every time I’ve met him he’s seemed unusually nice, and not at all bothered by the his local celebrity.  I’ve seen him stand for an hour or more before games to take photos with fans, and never seen him turn someone away.  But DUI is certainly a serious matter, it’s just unfortunate that such a visible member of the dawg pound put himself in that situation (which made me wonder how many of the ‘regular’ dawg pounders have DUI’s under their belts, yikes). 

Anyway, this is the type of stuff you talk about when there is no actual football being played.  Well that, and this:

http://wnst.net/wordpress/section/audio/  (Scroll down to the “Burning River” clip)


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