Ask and You Shall Receive

brady-quinnWell the chants were certainly defeaning Sunday, and just one day later Browns fans get their wish.  Ignoring the fact that the timing makes no sense on a short week, it will be interesting to see what happens from here.  What do they do if Quinn isn’t great right off the bat?  The argument that I heard from so many Quinn supporters early in the year was that Quinn gave the Browns the best chance to win right away, so now is time to see if that is the case.

I realize that my last post was pro-Anderson, but I could care less who the QB is if we win our last 8 games.  The problem is that is unlikely to happen, and i’m afraid to see what will come of the team if Quinn doesn’t play up to the high expectations that the fans have for him, and i’m concerned that we will once again be dissapointed when the guy we want to succeed doesn’t.  Either way, with their playoff chances very remote, the Browns just found a way to make Thursday’s game interesting.


3 Responses to Ask and You Shall Receive

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    Ask and You Shall Receive | The Burning River

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    Ask and You Shall Receive | The Burning River

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