Calling Out Big Dawg


F U Chad

(Photo Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)    

 Incredible game yesterday, and i’m sure you can find dozens of people breaking down the game elsewhere.  What I want to know is how Chad Johnson gets into the Dawg Poung–the Freaking DAWG POUND– and gets away with his gold teeth and helmet intact?  It appears that Big Dawg and his company were perfectly fine with this, they were even hugging and conversing with Ocho Stinko before the game.  I would even go as far as to call it an ’embrace’ that they gave him when he lept into the pound after scoring his second TD.

Now, the fans in the above picture clearly have the right idea, as does the guy who made the perfect beer pour on 85’s back.  In fact, that guy is now my new favorite Browns fan.  But c’mon Big Dawg, you were a big part of what made the pound a special place, and one that gained recognition around the NFL.  You even testified in front on congress as a representative of the Browns fans.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want you to represent us anymore if you’re going to welcome the opposing team into our pound. 

I suppose after a win like that my first post shouldn’t be negative, but does it bother anyone else that he was able to get away cleanly?  Anyone who sat there in the 80’s have a problem with this?

On a brighter note, football was actually fun on a Sunday in Cleveland for once, and there is reason to believe that the season is not lost–which is the best news we could have recieved after last week.


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