For The Love of Turkey Jones


 Turkey Jones                                        

If my calculations are correct, and they usually aren’t, the Browns need to win this week in order to keep their lead over the Steelers in the all-time series.  The Browns desperately need to win this game.  The fact that they hold the all-time series lead is the only comeback I ever have to the obnoxious Steeler’s fan who like to trash talk.  Well, that and the fact that the person doing the trash-talking usually has 3 teeth.  But, it’s gotten this bad–just 3 years ago we had a 6-game lead , and now we need to avoid getting swept for the 3rd straight season to avoid being all knotted at 55 each.  Disgusting.

Hopefully, the Browns can channel the spirit of Turkey Jones this week a find a way to keep embarrising their city against their beauty-deficient rivals.   I don’t know why Browns fans continue to get up off the mat everyweek and tune-in or go to the Stadium, but a win this week would certainly go a long way in restoring some of the pride that the Browns as an organization once had.  Just a reminder, these are the people who root for the Steelers:

Hottest girls in P-burgh

Help us Turkey Jones!


5 Responses to For The Love of Turkey Jones

  1. Dan says:

    Hey man. I sent you an email at But I thought I’d leave you a comment here just in case you dont check that account anymore. Long story short… check your email. Should be something from


  2. Lou says:

    pathetic is the only word that comes to mind. much like your football team.

  3. Good post. Even though I am a Steelers fan, I like your site. I am writing an article today about Turkey Jones as well. Of course, I see him in a very different light than you do.

    BTW, why did you make those women who are OBVIOUSLY from Cleveland dress in Steelers gear for the picture?

  4. Kilroy says:

    Hey, for some reason two years come to mind. 2003 – last time the Clowns beat the Steelers. 1964 – last time a Cleveland team (the Clowns) won any kind of Championship. So tell me. How does the Steelers’ collective asses taste?

    Always remember – God hates Cleveland Sports!

  5. Kelly Walters says:

    My husband has been looking for this picture to hang in our basement…is there any way to get this in poster form???

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