It’s Pre-Season For The Announcers Too…I Guess


Sam RosenSo, I know it’s a little late, but I wanted to give my take on the first Browns Pre-Season game last week.  However, the on thing that stuck out during the game was the horrible announcing team (Save Bernie Kosar) that has been assembled for this year.  I couldn’t count the number of wrong names, mis-pronunciations, wrong calls, and overall poor analysis that we were served up by Sam Rosen and Brian Brennan.  Now, I’m not one to typically rip on announcers, because I have found out it’s a lot harder that it would seem.  But, this was just atrocious.

     Really, it just comes down to Sam Rosen as being too old/out of touch to do these games.  Honestly, I don’t even know who this guy is, but the least he could do is pronounce the player’s names correctly.  I guess he does pretty good for the NY Rangers, but at least take the time to look at a Browns roster before putting on the headset.  I realize that there certainly some last minute adjustments because NBC just landed the contract to do the Browns games like a week ago, but I’m pretty sure Rosen was going to be the announcer no matter what network they were on.  Here is a list (off the top of my head) of dumb items/mis-pronunciations that Rosen and crew gave us Thursday:

What announcer said (actual name/phrase)

1:  Philly Tight End L.J. Shelton (L.J. Smith) Twice.

2:  Browns Back-up QB Nat Dorsey (Ken Dorsey)

3:  Plain Dealer Browns reporter Tony Grassy  (Tony Grossi)

4:  “He’s to the Goal Line…AND HE’S IN FOR THE SCORE!” (Referree clearly indicates the runner is not in for the score)

5:  Brennan:  I think Garcia is going to really make a push to the be third QB for the Eagles (when he’s clearly been installed to be the #2 guy—for sure.)

6:  “Great tackle by Big Ted Washington”  (Ted Washington actually not in the game at this point).

Plus, just some really strange commentary from Brian Brennan in general capped off a bad night for the group.  BK of course added his insightful analysis, and in-depth commentary.  That’s why we love him.

In any event, the team looked pretty bad, except a few defensive performances that were noteworthy (Wimbley, McMillan, Bodden).  Other than that, nice to see Winslow back, and hopefully we look at little better Friday at CBS.  Maybe another week will help to get the announcing team in shape as well.


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