Football Beauty Is In The Eye of The Tee-Holder

     Brown is Beautiful

     So, ever since I put up the post about the Browns minor uniform changes, I have been getting tons of feedback on it.  I received quite a few emails and had a some conversations with people and almost everyone has their take on the Browns uniforms.  Most like what they’re doing, some don’t like the gray face-masks, other gripe about the high gloss helmet color, but almost everyone has a take.

     In fact, almost everyone I hear from has a very strong opinion one way or the other regarding the Browns uniform.  Which is pretty interesting considering they have some of the most plain uniforms in all of sports.  Isn’t it?  I mean, there’s no logo, nothing on the helmet but a stripe, and two colors which most outsiders think is a hideous combinations.  ESPN voters even identified the Browns as having the least attractive uniforms in the entire NFL.

     Yet, Browns fans for some reason are ridiculously particular about what their teams uniform should look like.  You even hear some varied opinions on when they go through their stages of wearing the white Uni’s at home, or whether or not they should throw in the orange pants or jersey every so often (that probably gets the most negative feedback), the socks they wear, shoe color, the “glow in the dark” organge helmets they now wear, etc.

     I guess this is due to the fact that they are such a traditional NFL team, and tinkering around with the look takes away from some of that tradition.  I think this is a fact that isn’t lost on the current organization.  It seems that Randy Lerner actually does take this seriously, and realizes that Browns fans don’t like when they try and spin new uniforms on us for marketing purposes.  The Browns, despite their plain apparel, are always in the top 5 or 10 in the NFL in terms of merchandise sold.  I think Randy has come to realize we’re going to buy stuff with the plain orange helmet on it regardless.

I still could use more of the Elf though.


2 Responses to Football Beauty Is In The Eye of The Tee-Holder

  1. Dinolfo says:

    The Browns looked like they did when I first started watching the team back in the 1960’s, at least when looking at the uniform. But, why go through all the trouble of researching and then changing the uniform and forget about the socks? The Browns went out and dressed like they did for the club’s last Championship and then ruined the whole thing wearing Butch Davis/Carmen Policy socks.

  2. Ray says:

    i’m fine w/”tradition” for this 60 year anniversary, but personally, i’d like to see these combinations thru out next season:

    white jerseys/white pants
    brown jerseys/white pants
    white jerseys/orange pants
    brown jerseys/orange pants (my favorite)
    orange jerseys/white pants
    orange jerseys/orange pants (around halloween!)
    brown jerseys/brown pants

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