What A Championship Browns Team Looks Like


     Well, at least what their uniforms look like anyway.  Today the Browns are offiicially releasing photos of the new look uniform, which is actually an old look uni.  The biggest change is that they will have gray facemasks instead of white.  This, and some other changes, are supposed to bring the team uniform closer to what it looked like back when they won championships.  Apparently the thinking is, if you can’t win a championship at least look like someone who has.

     However, besides the facemask most of the other changes are very subtle.  They’re moving the player number on the back of the hlemet to the right side of the stripe, and they’re wearing black shoes.  All in an attempt to look like Jim Brown when he played.  Unfortunately, there are some other changes they could have made that would have made a bigger impact.  The first would be moving the numbers on the sleeve.  Right now, the numbers are still on top of the shoulder pads as shown here.  They could have moved them lower on the sleeve like old Browns did, or like the Oakland Raiders do now.  I just think it looks better on the sleeve, plus it’s how the team wore the numbers back in the glory days.

     I know i’m getting somewhat petty when it comes to these uni changes, but I’m a freak for uniforms.  Another thing that bothers me is the Browns socks!  What is up with them?  They don’t seem to have a set style.  They have always worn the striped look, even back in the glory days.  But recently they have went to a solid look sometimes.  I don’t get it.  Pick a sock a stay with it.  Also, when they do pick a sock, it had better be the striped sock–much better. 

     Oh well, I’m starting to come off like I belong on Queer Eye or something, so I’ll stop now.  Ultimately, I don’t care what uni they wear, as long as they can wear it in the Super Bowl.  Is that too much to ask?


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