Lincoln Had A Secretary Named Kennedy


     So, in another long line of NBA conspiracy theories, the latest involves the recent slew of 3-year deals signed by some of the NBA’s elite, including Lebron James.  The rumor, as puported by our own Cleveland Plain Dealer, claims the reason that Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Toronto’s Chris Bosh all signed 3-year deals is because the NBA is trying to line them all up to land in NYC in 3 years.  This has to be fake, right?

     Being insecure and from Cleveland, I have to think this has some merit.  However, if this does happen, the NBA should just come out and say that they are as scripted as the WWE.  Stern & Crew are only kidding themselves if they try and say that it wouldn’t be a dream situation to have them all playing in New York–they only been trying since the Patrick Ewing draft to get a winner in NY. 

     Now, the article doesn’t say that they’d all be playing for the Knicks, just that they’d be all playing in the NY area (including the Nets).  Given that they’ve pulled the strings to land Ewing in NY, and many think to land Lebron in Cleveland, this is entirely within the realm of possibilities for the Association.  The bottome line is, if there’s a conspiracy and Cleveland is involved, don’t expect to win.


3 Responses to Lincoln Had A Secretary Named Kennedy

  1. Ben says:

    I’ve heard this theory as well, and though we live in the most insecure city, I just don’t buy it.

    LeBron wants to be a huge star, and it seems to me he wants to do it in Cleveland:

    Also, I believe LeBron is more valuable in Cleveland (and Wade in Miami) than in New York. If the Knicks didn’t suck ass, the Garden would be rocking every night, and if they a starless contender (say, early 90s Cavs) then they’d still sell out road games (and draw good ratings) just cause they’re the Knicks and they are from NYC.

    If the Cavs (or Heat) are decent/great but don’t have a star, they aren’t as marketable. Cleveland sells out a ton of road games, thanks to LeBron.

    A decent/good Knicks team and a Cavs team with LeBron is more valuable to the NBA than a Knicks team with LeBron and a decimated Cavs franchise (and a pissed off fan base).

  2. Jimbo says:

    Ben, that’s a great response! I never thought of it that way, but I definitely agree with you.
    Also, it’s interesting that the title of my article was “Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy” reference the famous coinindences/conspiracy surrounding the assassinations of both men, and the author of the article that you link to is “John Booth”! Now that’s weird!

  3. James says:

    You are forgetting the NBA’s roots. The old Boston vs. New York battles. The winner to face the Lakers. It was what kept the league going and Stern dreams of all the cash that could come out of a winning Knicks program. Just getting LeBron to New York would change everything.

    Well, maybe not everything, Jimmy Dolan and Isiah would have to leave.

    LeBron’s endorsements would go through the roof!

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