Saving My Energy For Football

     Jhonny Peralta

     To preface this post, please take a look at this.  In it, I asked the question: “It will be interesting to see where the Tribe are on July 1st…June is a huge month for them to get back on track.  I was saying this because we were an even 26-26 going into the month of June, and I was basically bitching because we were a full 8.5 games in back of the Tigers.

     Ahh, if only they could be 8.5 games out again!  Instead of getting back on track in the month of June they completely derailed.  In fact, the Indians went a paltry 9-17 last month, and saw their 8 and a half game deficit more than double to 18.  It’s so bad, as of July 1 we were tied with Baltimore for the 4th worst record in the AL.  All this for a team that many predicted would at worst be the Wild Card team. 

     Now, with the season essentially over, it’s either time to look back at what went wrong, or to look forward to football season.  I think that’s an easy choice.  Let’s keep in mind that training camp starts in three weeks!


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