Your Cleveland Sports Roundup


Since I haven't been able to post much lately, I figured I would give a recap of the past week in the land of The Burning River.  Let's just say, it hasn't been good.

  • The Indians have dropped to 15 games out.  This after getting swept by the mighty Beer drinkers of Wisconsin.  For a positive spin, they are now only 11.5 games out of last place.  Although, we did learn in the process that CC should probably be our DH.  Boy were we wrong for question Charlie Manuel about his ability to hit.
  • Jason Johnson, it was good to know you.  Actually, it wasn't.  Was anybody really excited when we signed this guy to begin with?  He was at best mediocre for his career, and let's just say he wasn't at his best with us.  This does mean that we will finally get a look at Jeremy Sowers. 
  • Mini-Camp was completed by the Browns, and the biggest news is that they don't like their QB situation.  Were they really shocked to find out that they can't find a servicable back-up between Ken Dorsey, Derek Anderson, Lang Campbell, et al?  Hell, many people could argue that their number 1 guy isn't even a number 1 guy at all.  There were also reports of Kellen Winslow being near 100% which is fantastic.  It's like getting another 1st round pick if that guy can play a full season this year.
  • Just a quick fact:  between the Browns starting QB, and their backup, there is a combined 1 season worth of starts (16).  I don't think there's any doubt as to where the question marks will be this season. 
  • And finally, the Bernie and Babette Kosar divorce saga just won't die.  Bernie went on WTAM yesterday saying how the allegations are way off base, and how he is still trying to mend things with his wife.  C'mon Babs, how you not take him back?  He's Bernie Kosar, Cleveland Legend.  Also, by far more people get to my site by searching for "babette kosar" than by any other means.  Weird.

(UPDATE:  Somehow Jason Johnson was already picked up by the Red Sox.  Wow.)


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