Where’s The Luggage?

     I only ask because we're getting pretty close to packing it in.  And, let's be real here, even if the Tribe does make some sort of turnaround do we really have a shot at making the post-season?  The answer of course is, unfortunately, no.  Believe me, I am usually the very last guy to admit defeat, but had our hopes not been raised at the beginning of the season by all of the positive publicity about our team, we would have raised the white flag long ago.

     Now, we stand closer to last place than we are to first place, and there are too many problems to fix in order to right the ship and leap over 3 teams by the end of the season.  Indeed, the reality is setting in that you can't win 93 games one year and then take away  your best starter and reliever, replace them with mediocre talent, add little if anything else, and somehow expect to improve.  The numbers just don't add up. 

     For many people, the blame game has already started.  What bothers me is that many want to blame Wedge for the debacle that is occuring this season, and I can't understand why.  Let's see:  He took a team to win 93 games last year, was then handed a much less talented team this year, and the results are showing that in the win/loss column.  It seems very clear to me that the problem isn't management or coaching, but the fact that we're not putting a good team on the field.  This won't change until Dolan realizes that you have to open up the pocket-book in order to win.  There's no getting around that, no matter what argument you bring. 

     What I really question is whether or not Dolan cares about winning.  What reason does he have to spend a ton of money to make a team better, when we still come out to the park, and watch the game on his network regardless?  He can keep running out a mediocre group of guys year after year, trade away some young stars before they get too expensive, increase the payroll by 3-5million a year, and continue to profit from the team.  Before you know it, our young stars aren't going to be young anymore, and it's going to be rebuilding time all over again.  Guaranteed.

The good news?  Browns season is just two months away!  Mediocrity is the best.


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