Cleveland Teams Hate Me

     I've always felt that I was bad luck to my favorite teams.  As I've mentioned before, the first Browns game played after I was born was the Red Right 88 playoff game against the Raiders, and the first game I ever went to was a 42-0 loss to the Bills and resulted in the firing of our Head Coach Bud Carson.  The first Tribe game I went to they won with a walk-off homer in 14 innings–but only after I was forced to leave early because I had school the next day.

     Recently, this trend has been getting worse.  I was at yesterday's "business man's special", and the Tribe played like they were taking the day off like everyone else in the stands.  The last game I went to was the Memorial Day schalacking they took at the hands of the White Sox 11-0.  That means the Indians have scored a grand total of 1 run the last 18 innings of baseball played in my presence!  Seriously, I have seen this much bad baseball since little league.  They are a cool 1-3 in my presence this year.  I think I should just stop going all together.

     As far as the other teams go, I went to 4 regular season Cavs game last year (all losses), but I did go to Game 1 of the playoffs which was a win.  Cavs=1-4 in my presence.  For the Browns I have season tickets, but the two games I chose not to go to were wins (Bears, Titans). 

     I guess though, that since Cleveland teams typically have losing records as of late, it should be quite hard to attend a game and see a win.  But still, I'm starting to forget what it's like to watch your team win.


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