Cleveland Sports Teams Hate Attention


 That's what I'm starting to think.  Is it a pre-requisite that all Cleveland teams must suck tremendously whenever they are playing in a nationally televised game?  The Tribe have played in two ESPN Sunday Night games this year.  Last night was a 14-2 shalacking with our ace throwing, and the other was a season-opening crushing at the hands of the White Sox where our ace got put on the DL.  In total the Tribe is 0-3 in national broadcast games this year.

     The Cavs seem to have no better luck in the spotlight, including getting blown-out 3 times to the Pistons on ABC's Sunday afternoon broadcast (the last two coming in the playoffs, the final one being game 7).  I don't have the actual numbers for Nationally broadcasted games, but the Cavs were consistently coming up emtpy on the grand stage.   

     Then there are the Browns.  0-1 last year on ESPN, with that being a blow-out loss to the Steelers in P*******gh.  In 2004 they were also 0-1, with that being the Sunday Night game where Ed Reed returned a last-second Jeff Garcia interception 107 yards to end the game.  In fact, since the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, they are an amazing 1-6 in nationally televised primetime games.

     so what is it with our teams?  Why do they hate being in the spotlight?  Are they ashamed that they are from Cleveland?  Do they not like the fact they they are in HD?  Does that freaky SkyCam thing scare them?  I need some help on this one.


5 Responses to Cleveland Sports Teams Hate Attention

  1. Ben says:

    to be fair, the Tribe won Saturday when they were on FOX….

    A lot of it could just be the fact that when a Cleveland team is on TV, it’s usually versus someteam that is really good. Like the Pistons, Yankees, Angels, White Sox or Pitt. This could explain away the losses… but you’re right, they do tend to really suck it up.

    That being said, Joe Morgan had one of the greatest lines yesterday during the part of the game I actually watched:

    “the second baseman’s job is to cover second base”

  2. Darren Holva says:

    The Browns stink and always will. GO STEELERS!!!

  3. Jimbo says:


    That was the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone say. Ever.

  4. Mike says:

    One game in and the Browns have already given me enough material to last the season. How can this keep happening??

  5. Kevin LeDonne says:

    C’mom…the Browns…even the Raiders can beat them!

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