Good Morning, It’s June.


     Looks like the Tribe decided to finally come out of their winter hibernation and start playing baseball for real now.  It's almost like they think spring training is 3 months long, and the games don't count until the kids are out of school or something.  I'd like to think it's coincidence, but we're going on 3 straight years now.  However, they're still 8.5 in back of the DETROIT FREAKING TIGERS, and despite already beating the ChiSux more this year than all of last year they are still 6 games back of them.  Like I said on Tuesday, this year is going to be doubly hard to play catch up since we're chasing two teams.

     The month of may wasn't a complete loss though.  Consider that on May 1st, the Indians were at .500, and 6 games out of first.  One month later they were at .500, but 8.5 game out.  So after what most people would consider a disastrous month, we only gave up 2.5 games to the division leader.  In addition, the team ERA was 4.05 in the Month of May which was a full 1.5 points lower than it was for April, and the bullpen went 17 games with an ERA barely above 1 (thanks to the AP for that one).  That is really the best news because they are going nowhere unless the pitching staff turns it around.  In any event, it will be interesting to see where we are come July 1.  This is a huge month for the Tribe to get back on track, and they now have some momentum. 


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