10 Back, and it’s Only May.

ThomI'm guessing that if you told someone at the begining of the season that at Memorial Day the Tribe would be 9 games in back of the White Sox, there's no way in hell they would believe that it was for second place.  But nonetheless, that's the case.  However, most people will want to point out that we were as many as 14 games out in July of last year and still brought it to within 1.5 games of the Sox before ultimately blowing it.  That bad news is, this year we are chasing two teams, and we're already over 10 games out.  This makes capturing the division title twice as hard becuase we now need both teams to falter.

     The most alarming thing about this team is how they fail to show up in big games.  This past weekend was all the proof you need. In losing 3 of 4 to the two aformentioned teams the Tribe not only dealt themselves a significant blow, they also gave the impression that they don't care.  Yesterday's game was easily the most disturbing.  After coming off a big win to avoid a sweep against the Tigers, you would think that they would have come out with a little fire.  Instead Cliff Lee made it clear that he wanted to start his holiday early by serving up a nice bomb to the career leader in HR's at the Jake.  However, the apparent lack of desire didn't stop with Lee, no pretty much the whole team protested the fact that they didn't want to work on a holiday by pretty much not showing up.

     The point is, for those still holding out on the thought that the Tribe has proven that they can rally late in the year need to realize that they probably can't bank on that happening this  year.  Not chasing two teams, and not by simply going through the motions like they are now.  We are very close to being on the verge of a disastrous season, given the expectations that were set by last year.  The Tribe are quickly running out of time to prove that they actually care about winning.


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