We couldn’t go this long Without an Incident

RuebenJust when you thought we were in the clear this off-season, the Browns' Rueben Droughns reminds you that you are Browns fan and he pulls a litte domestic violence out of the bag.  Freaking unreal.  I guarantee that no charges are ever pressed, but that this become a huge distraction for the team all the way through training camp, probably culminating with a trial that will take place just before a Steeler's game that he won't be able to play in.

     Can we go one season without some serious off-field drama?  Hell, the last two years we haven't even gotten to the pre-season before someone loses their head.  I think next year we need to just lock up the whole team for the month of May.  Reuben now follows in the long line of domestic dispute, drunk driving, motorcycling, domestic dispute victim, drug use, partying with Plaxico Burress during the season, sleeping with William Green's wife (allegedly), and having women claim rape because they woke up naked in your house after a party (alegedly).  Ridiculous.


One Response to We couldn’t go this long Without an Incident

  1. Ben says:

    This is the first Cleveland athlete domestic dispute in awhile that wasn’t “wife beats up husband”.

    I mean, Chuck Finley got his ass beat while driving and William Greene happened to fall backwards onto a knife.

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