Baseball Just isn’t Cutting it Right Now


     That's what I kept wondering last night while watching the Indians come back from a 4-run deficit, only to blow it against the Twinkies.  It's really hard to get into the baseball grove in May when your basketball team just took it to a game 7 of the Conf. Semi's against the best team in the league.  Hard to watch a baseball game and cheer when you know there's still 120 games left.  I actually lost so much interest that at one point I watched at least 30 minutes of the NBA draft (fixed) lottery.

     On the flip side, I found it VERY easy to get all pissed of when the Tribe blew it in the 10th.  And to top it all off, the Tigers and Sox had to go out and win to complete the trifecta.  Yeah, our baseball team (who won 93 games last year) is under .500 and 9 games back of the division leading TIGERS.  Football season can't come quick enough.  And look at that, less than three months until the Browns first pre-season game!  Hopefully we're not counting down the days in August because our Tribe is out of division race.  That would make for one long summer.


One Response to Baseball Just isn’t Cutting it Right Now

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