…Or Not.

Loss I think, like a lot of Cleveland fans, I'm not real sure how to react to this past weekend.  I feels like a classic Cleveland collapse, especially since we were up 3-2 with a chance to close out at home.  But, for some reason I don't have that feeling I got when the Browns blew their 17 point lead late in the playoff game agains the Steelers.  Or When Pedro came out of the bullpen for 6 innings that end our season.  For some reaosn this wasn't as bad as all of the classic Cleveland failures of the past.

     The main reason why we don't have to be all worked up, is because we were such an underdog.  I mean, none of the PD writers picked the Cavs to win more than 2 games.  The fact that we took it to seven games (and actually it was Detroit that took it to 7) was an accomplishment in itself.  At the beginnng of the season if you would have asked a Cavs if they would be satisfied with a playoff berth and a first-round win almost all would have said yes.  Of course, that doesn't change the fact that we were 3 points away in game 6 from advancing. 

     Either way, if anyone was downtown on Friday it was a great day to be a Clevelander with all the buzz that was going on and the "Go Cavs" flyers in the office windows.  I just hope it's not too long before it gets that way again.  It has to be said, but it should really bear some meaning this time but I just can't WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR…

P.S.  A big F YOU to ABC for airing the "Cleveland Heartbreaks" mini-documentary at the end of the game.  That was a kick in the crotch.


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