Setting the Stage

Legame 5

     24 hours from now, we'll find out the answer to the question I asked yesterday.  I still haven't been able to shake yesterday's game, completely unreal.  It's been like a dream:  first you had Sheed pop off guaranteeing 2 straight wins only to lose 2 straight, then he plays horrible in both of them, to top that off we're coming home with a chance to wrap the series up early.

     I have to say, I have a good feeling about tomorrow's game.  First, I can't imagine how loud the Q will be tomorrow.  Certainly much louder than the semi-filled Palace.  But more importantly, we are playing better than the Pistons right now, and I think it's too late for them.  They kept thinking that they would be able to right the ship, that eventually they would kick it back in to high gear, but they never wanted to hit the panic button and turn up the intensity.  Now they have 2 days to correct make the adjustments they should have made after the Cavs first win.  I think it's too much to get done in such short time. It's funny, but somehow I think the Pistons, getting caught up in their arrogance and self-assuredness, must now play a perfect game on the road in order to win on Friday.

I rarely do this, but I'm calling a Cavaliers victory tomorrow.  It's the first Burning River Prediction.  Mark it down, and I'll see you for game 1.


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