The Legend Continues

      Lebron and the Apostles

     Tonight is a swing game in more ways than one.  Tonight is the night LeBron can really elevate himself to Superhero status.  If the Cavs can go into The Palace tonight and find a way to win, no one will be joking anymore when referring to someone as a 'witness'.  If Lebron can lead his team to victory against the overwhelming Eastern Conference favorites something very special will be happening. 

     Up until this point, everything he has done has been amazing, but still within team expectations.  Winning tonight (and closing out the Pistons in game 6 or 7) would change everything.  Beating the Pistons was not in the blueprints, but now that it's a legitimate possibility one can only marvel at what might be.

    On the flip side, this is Cleveland.  The only reason websites like this one exist is because things like this don't happen in Cleveland.  The hero is never on our team.  Somehow many of us still hold out hope that LeBron is in some way above all that.  That somehow, he isn't affected by 40+ years of history,heartbreaks, and dissillusionment. 

     So which one is it?  Do we continue our habit in Cleveland of getting our hopes up only to have face the inevitable heartbreak?  Or will this team/player/season turn out different?  We've asked this questions many times before and the answer is always the former.  While we won't know for sure after tonight, another chapter in Cleveland's burning river of sports will certainly be written. 


3 Responses to The Legend Continues

  1. Swerb says:

    Can’t wait for tonights game. I featured this entry on the front page of my site today. We’re at about 1,000 hits a day, hopefully it helps steer traffic to your very well done blog.

  2. Jimbo says:

    Holy sh*t. I’ve done 1,000 in the last month. Thanks!

  3. Swerb says:

    No problem Jimbo. If you want anything tweaked with the author page I created for you, just let me know.

    And GO CAVS.

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