Reports of the Cavs’ Death have been greatly Exaggerated


…If a picture is worth a thousand words.

     Well, I think those two say enough about last night's game.   There's nothing better than a guy running his mouth, guaranteeing a win, and then being a major part of the reason that his team doesn't win.  Not to mention his little tirades and poor performance on Saturday.  How anyone could like this guy is beyond me. 

     In any event, enough about Sheed.  Here are some quick notes from the game yesterday, bullet style:

  • Is there some rule that Z and Drew can only play during the first 4 minutes of a half?
  • When did E Snow remember how to play the point?  Seriously, the guy is driving, dishing, pulling up, etc.  Where was that all year?
  • Do we want Larry Hughes back?  Seems to me like we struggle to find an identity with him in our lineup.  Not because he isn't good, but because we played without him for so long.  What an unfortunate reason to have to be out though.  Very tough.
  • I've been saying this one all year, Anderson V is a freaking stud.  This guy is a serious player.  Keep in mind he's only 24, and how much have we seen him improve this year?  There was a lot of talk during the season as to which guy we should try and keep, Drew or Flip, and I think with the emergence of Anderson it can make our decision a little easier.
  • Why do I find myself liking Damon Jones so much all of a sudden?  He may be a little to over the top for me, but you can tell he wants to win.  I bet he has a better year next year.
  • I like how Reggie Miller decided to call out the Cleveland fans last night for cheering when Sheed went down.  What the hell is that?  Like that wouldn't have happened anywhere else.  He's still pissed at Cavs fans for chanting "Cheryl, Cheryl" when he played at the Gund in the playoffs long ago.
  • I've gotta say, there were a lot of close calls that went our way last night.  However, and this is TBR Axiom #47, when you're from Cleveland any close calls that go your way are due to you anyway.  With as much crap as we have dealt with in Cleveland, anytime we get a break it's owed to us.
  • Finally, how about we played the Pistons game and beat them?  Then again everyone is saying that, but the two times the Pistons beat us it was a high-scoring affair.  Going to be a tough game 5, but I like our chances with a 2-game streak.



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