Sheed     I'm blatantly ignoring the Indians for now.  So Rasheed Wallace has not only guaranteed that the Pistons will win tonight, in Cleveland, but that the Pistons will also close out the series in game five.  That's pretty ballsy, especially after your team just blew a 10 point lead in the second half, and a chance to pretty much rap up the series. Not to mention that your play and whining was a huge part of that collapse.        

 Now, I'm not saying the Cavs are going to win tonight, but if they do, and the Pistons can't close them out like Sheed claims they will, he's going to look even more dumb than he already does with that tiny bald-spot on the back of his head.  Not that looking like an idiot has ever stopped him from doing something in the past.  Remember, this is the guy that said the NFL was trying to limit black athletes by making them go to college before they were draft eligible.  Dumb.

Small Tribe note:  Ok, so I will mention the Tribe.  So they traded Steve karsay for cash?  let me get this straight.  We may have the worst bullpen in the majors, and we traded a veteran who had a 2.00 ERA in AAA for cash?  And Dolan wonders why people think that he doesn't have enough money to run the team.  I mean, cash?


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