Welcome to your Weekend of Detroit


Couldn't wait till monday to update, mainly because of LeBron's mastery yesterday.  I said to myself going into the 4th Q that I thought it was one of his best games, mainly because of the way he was using all of his teamates, especially Varejao, to keep the game close.  Then, he goes and blows up in the 4th and pretty much cements my thoughts. 

     I thought this was even better than his game 1 performance against the Wiz.  Especially when you go back and notice how everytime he got the ball, there were at least 4 Pistons with an eye on him and shading his way.  Washington would put two guys on him and let the other three fend for themselves, but Detroit literally has 4 guys on him, or keeping and eye on him, at all times.  Watch when he goes to make a move to the lane, you will see 4 guys all react and collapse.  Ridiculous.

     Then you have the Tribe.  I won't ruin the Cavs mojo by talking about them in this same post.  The only similarities between the two teams right now is that they're both playing Detroit.  That's it. 

More later…


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