Bernie, Bernie

Bernie           So by now this isn't news, but it's worthing mentioning.  Apparently our hero, Bernie Kosar, and the Babs have hit the rocks.  That's fine, it happens.  People get divorced.  But the best part is her accusations and allegations against our side-armed slinger.  She is claiming that he has been acting "irationally and irresponibly."  So much so that she has asked a judge to order him to undergo a complete pyschiatric examination.  Additionally, she is requesting that he be forced to take a drug test, and claims that as proof of his irrational behavior he has been giving away money to family and friends. 

     I don't even know where to start on this one.  First off, when you're rich and you give away money to family and friends, that's call being a good friend Babette, that's what great individuals like Bernie Kosar do.  What have you done Babette?  Besides marry Bernie at an early age and leach off of his wealth?  I'm pretty sure The Burning River readers, and the rest of Cleveland are in agreement with me that Bernie could never do a thing wrong.  I mean, come one, look at the picture up there, he's Bernie Freaking Kosar–Cleveland Legend.

Bernie, if you need a place to stay, there's always room for one more here at The Burning River.


4 Responses to Bernie, Bernie

  1. Hornless Rhino says:

    One word: Yoko.

  2. teeberg says:

    I’m from just down the ‘pike (Sandusky), and am a craven Clevelend sports fan, but have to interrupt the Bernie reverie here to point out that Kosar may really have a problem. Too many signs to ignore, regardless of his bona fides as a more-than-worthy former Browns dude.

    Yoko, my a**. Check out my humble blog to see why.

  3. Boonanoo says:

    You’re a fan of Bernie Kosar, no doubt. For one minute, try to come out of your cloudy fantasy world. He was a great QB but those days are way behind him. Have you listened to him doing the color for the broadcasts? He slurs like an old drunk. Dude…you’re a idiot! Bernie and “Babs” were married at a not -so-early-age for about 17 years. If she was, like you say, “leaching” (spelled wrong) off Bernie, I think she would have been long gone years ago with 1/2 his cash. Now let us get back to the other reasons that you’re an idiot- misspelled words and other errors….1)worthing mentioning 2)”irationally and irresponibly.”3)pyschiatric 4)that’s call being a good friend Babette 5)leach off of his wealth?6)I mean, come one,7)Bernie, if you need a place to stay, there’s always room for one more here at The Burning River. You should quit writing your moronic rants and save your breath for your Bernie Blow Up Doll. Bernie Kosar-Great QB, bad guy! Look at teeberg’s reply to your stupidity.

  4. Barbara says:

    Babette had plenty of her own money way before he came around!

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