A Royal Pain in the Ass

Wedge Looks On         Yeah, so, um….how bout them Tribe?  I'm so glad that Cleveland finally got a professional softball team inown, too bad we had to give up our baseball team to get them.    But seriously, that's what it was like watching this past series with the Royals.  Here's the Royals runs by inning from yesterday's game:


     The Royals.  That's just ridiculous.   Now, I'm not one of the doomsdayers who will tell you how Wedge is a terrible manager, or that Dolan is ready to file for bankruptcy.  But come on, our pitching staff couldn't look much more different from last year than it does right now.  I guess that's what happens when you get rid of your entire bullpen, save Wickman, and "can't afford" to keep two  of your starter's from a year ago.  Especially when you replace them with the likes of Danny Graves and Jason Johnson. 

     The bottom line is, Dolan and Shapiro have told us time and time again that when the times comes and we are ready to contend that they will open up the wallet and spend.  Somehow 93 wins wasn't enough to do that?  Another thing to consider is that many of our young stars aren't rookies anymore and will be approaching contract time in the coming years.  What's going to happen when we really have to pay Sizemore (who is only making 600k this year), Cliff Lee, Peralta, Etc?  Guess we'll just bring up more youngster who aren't making any money, rather than pay the guys who can get it done (Crisp).


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