1,000 Reasons to visit The Burning River 

     The Burning River is about to reach a small milestone.   By the end of the week, we should have reached our 1,000th visitor.  That's right, for some reason, this site has been visited 1,000 times by people other than me.  As a way to thank my small readership, I would like to give back in some small way.  Therefore, I am announcing the first Burning River Contest:

If the person who is the 1000th, visitor can take a screen shot and prove to me that they were, in fact, the correct visitor, a gracious Burning River Prize will be given away.  The prize is still TBD, but the leading choice right now is the oppurtunity to become the first guest blogger on TBR.  You will have the oppurtunity to write one post on any topic.  You could even right about what a terrible site this is, and how it is a horrible prize. 

Sorry, that's all I've got to give.  Would anyone even want this prize?  Guess we'll find out.


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