A Tale of Two Cities


     Ah, this past weekend.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  It was an epoch of hope, it was an epoch of despair. 

     What I failed to realize in my last post was the scenario that actually happened this weekend.  Cavs pull out a stunning game 6 victory against the Wiz in Washington, but then get crushed by a Detroit team had 5 days rest and realized that baskets are worth more if you shoot from farther away.

     Speaking of that scenario.  How is it that all throughout the first round there were two days in between games, even if the games were in the same city, but then the Cavs have to go from game six in Washington, to game 1 in Detroit with only 1 day of rest?  On top of that, Detroit had been of since Wednesday.  Also, we play again tomorrow, but then have 3 DAYS inbetween games 2 and 3?  The NBA is whack.

     Rather than try and make a post covering both games, and anything else this weekend, here are my Quick Thoughts From This Weekend:


  • Did anybody notice all of the empty seats for Game 6 in Washington?  What's up with that?
  • After all the talk comparing Gilbert to LeBron, I thought it was fitting that it was Gilbert who choked on two free throws at the end of OT. 
  • Of course, he did get his team to OT with that effortless 30-footer.
  • But, what the Freak could LeBron have said to him to pysche Gilbert out that bad?  Scary things, LeBron, Scary things.
  • Where were Z and Drew in the second half?
  • Damon Freaking Jones!


  • Kentucky Derby.  In case you missed it, please check out this post from the Rhino.  Dave Johnson is truly one of the least known legends of broadcasting.  Most people easily recognize his hallmark "And down the stretch they come!" call, but few actually know who the guy is.  This is mainly because NBC refused to use him once they pick up the Derby a few years back. 


  • Hey look, we're up 12-7 on the Pistons, so much for all that 'only one day of rest' talk!
  • Hey look, it's 10 minutes later and we're down 15.
  • Another 10 minutes and we're down 30. 
  • Apparently Lindsey Hunter forgot who he is.
  • 13/14 in 3-pointers?  Riduculous.
  • Indians.  CC Fatbathia is looking pretty strong.  Remember he did win like 8 of his last 9 games last year. 
  • Took 2 of 3 in Seattle, very nice.  We now play 10 of our next 13 games agains Pittsburgh and KC.  Time to make a run.

Speaking of taking a run, all that Mexican food from Cinco de Mayo is catching up to me, so I'll catch up later!


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