Burning River Warning!


I am going to try my best weekend to enforce my own rule of not posting on the weekend.  With that in mind, I really hope that I get to fire up the blogging on Monday morning with a sweet pic of LeBron & Co. celebrating after a nice first-round win over the Wiz.  This pic would preferrable have Gilbie in the background crying to the refs as usual.  I'm getting fired up just thinking about it.

     However, I need to step back and put this in perspective.  Let's go over the facts:

  • This is a Cleveland team.
  • This is the playoffs.
  • They have what is normally a substantial chance of winning said playoff series (82% when up 3-2).
  • Not advancing would be a collossal collapse, and may even induce a naming of the game/series.

     Yep, I need to put out the warning to my fellow River brethren, this could another Burning River moment.  I'd like to say that Lebron is Superman and is invulnerable to the collapse and heartbreak that is so common to our teams.  But, this is Cleveland, just when you think you have it wrapped up you are most vulnerable.  Brace yourselves…


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