The Wiz’s Best Defense

WizCryWell, the the aftermath is sinking in over in Wiz-Baby land, and of course most,  Wiz fans are going to try and claim that LeBron traveled on his last shot.  This is all they have left.  They realize actually attempting to guard LeBron is useless, you should just try and appeal to a higher authority.  Nevermind asking yourself:  Why did we let LeBron get the ball on the inbound?  Why did let him get an easy layup?  How come he was easily able to beat our double team in the corner so easily?  Nope, just sit around and complain about how Lebron get’s calls all the time, travels, and basically gets preferential treatment.  Hilarious.

     Wiz fans, this is the NBA.  Traveling is rarely called.  Charging is rarely called.  Stars get preferential calls.  Gilbert Arenas get’s calls all the time.  it’s funny how a fan of a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs in 8 years has to explain this to you.  How about that play in the third where Gilbie went to the hole, drove past a statue-like Z, didn’t make contact, but yelled really loud so the refs blew their whistles?  Enjoy your off-season Wiz, maybe you should spend it learning D instead of crying to the refs.

UPDATE:  I was right, you have to check out this article.  Doesn’t this guy realize that by whining about the refs, he is doing the same thing he is accusing the Cavs of? 


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