The Intellect of Ozzie

Choke     Take a look at that photo.  That's not a fan heckling an opposing ballplayer.  That's not even a player retaliating to fans who have been heckling him all night.  No, that's the Manager of the World Series Champions Chicago White Sox.  I know this is from last year when the Indians did indeed choke at the end of the season, but in light of his comments after Monday's game it bears repeating.

     Monday night, Ozzie basically said he couldn't understand why Indians fans would boo Jim Thome, and how he thought we owed him some respect, and basically it was a classless act.  This coming from the guy who runs a team whose fans have repeatedly attacked players/coaches on the field, during a game.  But fine, he is entitled to his opinion as one sided as it is.  But the kicker is, he made this fantastic quote in reference to Thome:

"I don't blame him for going for the money…you can't feed your family on championship rings"

HA!  This is great on so many levels that I won't even get to.  First he pulls out the old "He needs to feed his family routine."  This also, ironically, was said on the same day that his fellow immigrants protested by not working, despite the fact that most of them probably struggle mightily to feed their families.  But here is Ozzie, crying poor-mouth for $12 Million-a-year Jim Thome.

     And second, he basically comes out and says it's about the money, not about winning.  This is why people get sickened by sports these days.  Could you see any athlete 20+ years ago saying that he didn't care about getting traded to a losing team because 'he needed to feed his family.'  Of course not!  But in the multi-million dollar contract days that today's athlete enjoy, suddenly it's tough to make ends meet.  And apparently, management will stick up for you as well.


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