So, You’re telling me we need Linebackers?

Wimbley     As promised, I didn't update until Monday after an all-out weekend sports bender.  Pretty much played out as planned, to the letter, being totally useless today at work included.  Anyway, I'm sure every blogger in the world and every sports related site has their Browns draft recap and grade, so I'll try and be original in mine and not pretend I'm an expert.

     First off, I still don't understand why a team who scored the least amount of points last year needed to upgrade their defense (11th in points against) so badly.  Especially after we lost our #1 receiver a year ago and replaced him with a 33 year-old.  Even so, all the talk leading up to the draft was about how we needed to upgrade the D, especially the linebackers.  Fine, but good lord!  Did we really need to spend our first 3 of 4 picks on linebackers?  This after paying Willie Mac $4million a year for next 3 years?  Overkill in my opinion.

     But so be it, if Savage & Co. really thought we needed LB's that much, we did pretty decent job at upgrading and adding depth with the players we chose.  We really need to hit on at least 2 of the LB's we took, otherwise those picks were wastes with the needs we have on offense.  I think Chad Jackson would have looked pretty nice in a Browns Uni with that #2 pick instead of taking our 2nd straight LB.

     With that being said, I think the Browns had one of the best day-2's in the draft.  Leon Williams is a massive underachiever, but remember WE NEED LB's apparently.  They really saved the draft in the last few rounds by taking Jerome Williams who was the 2nd leading rusher in the NCAA last season, DeMario Minter who started 2 years for a very solid Georgia D, and the last 3 picks are all guys who fit and who have been highly thought of in the past.

     Also, I know it's blasphemy around these parts to think that Charlie Frye may not be our long-term guy, but I was really hoping they would have taken a QB on the second day.  I am biased since I went to that school, but Bruce Gradkowski from Toledo is going to be at worst a solid back-up in the NFL for years to come.  Mark it down. 

     I guess in retrospect they did a great job of getting what they wanted.  The D should be improved for years to come in terms of hopefully getting an impact player, and in terms off adding a lot of depth.  The offense is going have to suffer for another year, which I think will really be the downfall of this team this year.    They should at least be more exciting to watch this year, and hopefully get to 8-8.  For now though, what are the odds of Wimbley NOT getting hurt sometime this year?   I'm thinking 5-1?  Any Takers?


2 Responses to So, You’re telling me we need Linebackers?

  1. Vinny says:

    Gradkowski’s ok. I saw him play against the fightin’ Bobcats in Athens, Ohio this past year. But, if they were going to get a QB, I would have preferred Brodie Croyle of Alabama. He’s tall enough, has a cannon of an arm, can read defenses, but was downgraded because of his slight build. I think he will be a damn fine pro.

  2. gjmcrae says:

    Your words are very true i hope to share more views with you. As the season gets under way. If they add brandon spikes i see some wins

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