Return to Normalcy


     Yep, that's more like it.  I guess we had our three days of fun basking in the afterglow of LeBron's superman act on Saturday.  I do like how everyone is talking about how the Whiz "contained" LeBron to 26 points.  You know you're good when teams are happy that you only got 26 in a game.  Also, I didnt make it to the game, but was that booing that I heard at one point in the game last night?  If so, that's just ridiculous. 

Then to top if off, as I'm on my way home from the sports bar watching the game, I get treated to a Tom Hamilton home run call of Manny Ramirez's game winning 3-run shot.  And, did we really walk someone to get to Manny?  I'm still trying to process that one. 

Have a great Wednesday Cleveland, we're back to being shitty again.


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