Christmas Day is Coming!

     So after reading The Rhino's post today I remembered that I originally started this site to be mainly a Browns site (hence the header's color), but since I started in in the Spring it's mostly been Cavs and Tribe.  So, I figured I'd actually get over my man-crush on Lebron and actually post about the Browns for once.

     However, DON'T expect to see a mock draft on this site ever.  Not by me, or another blogger, or Mel Kiper jr, or even Mel Kiper Sr. for that matter.   First off, I think mock drafts are pretty much a waste to begin with.  After the first 4 or 5 picks, even Mel Kiper is wrong on about 80% of his projections, and that's all he does!  So the question I ask is, if Mel Kiper is mostly wrong, why the hell would you even read what any reporter or (especially) a blogger has to say about the draft? 

     Nonetheless, regular peons like you and I still post their 'mock drafts' like they even know what the names Sam, Mike, and Will mean in football.  I'd like to think I know more than the average fan about football, even if that's true I still wouldn't even come close to acting like I really knew who was going to be picked on draft day.  This is seriously the most worthless excercise ever.  It's one thing when MKJ does it, since he gets paid to, but when everyone with a blog starts breaking the draft down for you, it's a little ridiculous.

    With that being sad, the NFL Draft is like Christmas in Spring for me.  It's your first taste of football after several boring winter months.  I seriously look forward to parking my self in front of the old big for 8+ hours of Mel Kiper in HD, and putting on 15 pounds of beer and chip weight!  Nothing really could be better.  Later in the week, I may post ourannual NFL Draft drinking game rules just for fun.  Maybe we can compare notes.

     Until then, and just to reiterate my love for the Browns, and my hatred for P*******gh, here are (courtesy, the hottest girls that P*******gh has to offer: 

Hottest girls in P-burgh


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