Welcome to LePlayoffs


     Breaking the no posting on the weekends rule for this one.  Finally got back from the game after fighting the traffic, and Spiderman.  I think this picture pretty much says it all.  Indeed we are all witnesses.  I'm pretty sure this is the guy we'll all be telling our grandkids about years from now like my grandfather has told me about Jim Brown a million times.  Of course, we still aren't going to win anything in all likelihood, but having this guy on your team kinda makes me think we…no, nevermind. 

UPDATE:  Clearly somone from the Plain Dealer is an avid reader of The River, as the Sunday Sports page headline screamed "Welcome to LeShow."  And clearly no one else in the world thought of using a Le____ word.  I rule.


2 Responses to Welcome to LePlayoffs

  1. hornless rhino says:

    Technically, I believe you “LeRule.”

  2. Jimbo says:

    Damn Rhino, you don’t miss a LeThing, do you?

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