Dan Gilbert is clearly new to the River


     This post isn't about evaluating Dan Gilbert as an Owner.  For the record though, I happen to like Gilbert–especially the way he is so bullish on the city of Cleveland.  The guy has done more for the development of the Cleveland area in the last year, than our last two Mayor's combined.  But, that's not for this blog. 

     However, it became very apparent to me in an interview with the Plain Dealer that Gilbert gave this week that he has not completely read up on the history of this great city.  Here is the excerpt in question:

Q: You've talked about wanting to end Cleveland's championship drought. When is your ultimate goal for that to happen?

A (Gilbert): As soon as possible. I have no doubt it's going to happen, it's just a matter of when.

Whoa now!  The comes right out and claims that he will be the Messiah that brings us a championship?  That's either really ballsy, really really stupid, or really naive.  I'm going with the latter of the three, but the point is someone needs to educate this guy on where he his. 

     Hasn't he seen "The Shot" over and over again?  Does he even know about Jim Chones and his untimely broken foot?  Does he not know that winning a championship in this city isn't just 'winning a championship'?  That who ever brings a championship to this city and puts out the blaze that is The Burning River will be Idolized for Centuries?  Hell, if he IS the own that does it, we'll all be living in LeCleveland, and everyone will give their kids names that begin with 'Q'.  That several communities will probably vie for the right to be called "Gilbertville" or "Gilbertland"?    That his children will subsequently be referred to as "the royal bloodline"?

You don't just make statements like that in this city.  People are bound to get all fired up and think that we have a chance.  And you know what happens then…let's just say that at least this time Michael Jordan won't be involved.


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