3 More Days…

t1_james.jpgYep, just three more days until us Cleveland fans enter that weird place that our teams go to about once every five years.  What is it called again?  Playins?  No.  Playouts?  No.  Ah, that's right, it's the playoffs.  Seriously though, despite the fact that I know that nothing good can come of this (because, I mean it's Cleveland in the playoffs, nothing good ever comes of that) I'm still giddy thinking about watching LeBron in his playoff debut.  I'm so excited that I even scooped myself up some shitty seats for the game.  Years from now (probably about two), when Lebron leaves Cleveland and brings multiple championships to some luck city, i'll be able to say I was at his first playoff game.  That's about as good as it gets in Cleveland!

UPDATE:  If anyone is interested, I had two friends back out, so these seats are now available. 


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