Another Reason to Hate Art Modell

elf back.jpg     Since there's not much going on until the Cavs first playoff game (which still doesn't sound right) I thought I would bring up some random topics.  I know it's old news that the Browns are alledgedly bringing back some features of the old uniforms including the slightly different colors and grey face masks.  But taking a look at those old uniforms reminds me of another reason to hate Art Modell:  He insisted on getting rid of the Brownie Elf!!!

     I know some Browns fans think the logo is a little wimpy, but I for one love it, and wish they would use it more.  Bet most of you know the Browns actually did have a logo on their helmets for one game–they had the interlocking "CB" logo for one pre-season game in 1965.  Of course the brainchild of Art Modell.  I seriously don't know who I'd go after first if I were locked in a room with Art and Osama Bin Laden.  It's a tough call.



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