Mild Heart Attack


Is what I think I had at this moment yesterday.  It’s good that it appears that this is only a mild sprain, becuase it would have made perfect sense had he, I don’t know, broken his foot or something.  Let’s see, we had the Tribe on a 6 game win streak, Cavs winning 10 of 11, and people seriously talking about Lebron for MVP. 

 Yep, back to the good old Burning River.  Tribe get’s smacked by, of all things, a Richie “big sexy” Sexson Grand Slam, the Cavs get absolutely crushed by the team we will eventually have to beat, and Lebron almost pulls his best Jim Chones.  Wow, we were so close to having yet another Burning River Moment, instead I’ll just settle for the momentary depression that sank in when at one point we had Lebron on the floor, and the Tribe down 10-5.  I guess in the end, we still have the playoffs to look forward to, and the Tribe are still in first place!


3 Responses to Mild Heart Attack

  1. Hornless Rhino says:

    Mild? You must be in good shape. They had to bring the paddles out for me.

  2. How dare you look on the bright side!!

  3. Jimbo says:

    I think my exact reaction was “there it is”, as in, the moment that we all know is inevitable this year–some ridiculous event that bars us from seeing one of our teams win.

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