Terrelle Smith is a Bad Man

2714.jpgI am a huge Browns fan.  Therefore, often times people will ask me who my favorite player is.  The answer I always give is that I don’t have a favorite player (I really don’t), and that I love them all.  This is usually true.  For me it’s like asking someone who their favorite child is.  Certainly I have some favorite players from when I was a kid, but since the Browns came back I’ve made it a point to cheer for the uniform since players come and go so frequently.

     Enter Terrelle Smith.  This guy is everything that football is about.  He has no desire to carry the ball, or score touchdowns, or get any glory.  He sums it up the best himself by saying “all I do is go out there and move people.”  Terrelle Smith is my favorite player.  The guy wants nothing more than to go out and knock people down so that others can get the glory.  In 2004 vs. the Bengals, I saw him absolutely flip out running up and down the sidelines like a mad man because he had just pancaked a Bengals linebacker.  That’s right, not because he scored, or ran someone over with the ball…simply because he knocked someone down.  He is the anti-Terrelle Owens, or Ray Lewis for that matter.   Terrelle Smith wants the Browns to keep Jeff Faine at Center and let Bentley play guard.  I say we listen, let’s not get this guy riled up.  I would pretty much do anything he says. 

     If you need anything else, Browns RT Ryan Tucker was once asked which NFL player he would least like to meet in a back alley.  Without hesitation he said “Terrelle Smith…That guy is a bad man.”  This is an NFL lineman admitting he would be afraid to have a confrontation with a guy.  The Browns need more bad men.


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