The End of the World

end of the world.jpg

     So i'm over on the Tribe forums, and you would think we just finished up a 50-112 season.  Every other post is about how dolan is horrible and how we need to get rid of Wedge because he is a terrible manager.  Classic Cleveland.  We lose 1 game of 162 and the River is already on fire! 

Tribe win totals past 3 years:

2003: 68 Wins

2004: 80 Wins

2005:93 Wins

Somehow these numbers equate to a completely incompetent front office and a poor Manager in Wedge.  I'm the first person to criticize them for being cheap, but damn, you have to recognize that something is working.  However, somehow in Cleveland consistent improvement is not enough, we always need something to moan about.  So typical, hence the name of this site.


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