Browns Finally Get It


     Well chalk up the total of Cleveland teams that get the fact that you have to actually spend money in order to make progress in the off-season to one.  How was that for the first 24 hours of free-agency!  5 players signed on the first two days, including a two-time Pro Bowler, and a guy who has 3 rings.  Not to mention all the Cleveland ties they have to the area.  LeCharles Bentley made it extremely clear that it was his main goal to get back to Cleveland, probably more so that any player since Bernie Kosar.

     This has already been one of the most productive off-seasons in a Cleveland team’s recent memory.  With that said you would think it would be a big deal in the Cleveland media, but it was mostly overshadowed by the Cavs loss to the Heat, and random stories Winter Haven about guys who probably won’t see the light of day for the Tribe.  Had the Browns lost 5 free agents yesterday it probably would have made the cover along with a side-piece outlining Clevland sports worst losses to free agency. 

Of course, this post probably won’t get read, mainly because I haven’t told anyone about this site.  Your thoughts?


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